Bespoke eLearning Development

Custom designed eLearning packages, tailored to fit your learners’ needs. We design bespoke packages by working with you to find out how best to deliver engaging learning material to your audience. The key to a positive eLearning experience is for the learning to feel that the content is authentic. Not only do we make your eLearning visually stunning, we also make it on brand and give it your tone of voice. The design comes from finding out about what you want your audience to achieve and making sure it gets results.

Rapid eLearning Development

Quality eLearning in a fraction of the time. The process for bespoke eLearning can be too long for your learners’ needs. That’s where our rapid eLearning comes in. Whereas bespoke eLearning content can take months to develop, our rapid eLearning process uses the same software with different techniques to help you roll out your content within weeks.

We can also support your organisation and internal teams on software such as Articulate and get you started with project design templates and layouts. Meaning you can manage and maintain your own content in-house.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Using development tools such as Moodle and Blackboard, we can implement a branded, bespoke LMS or Learning Portal. Learning Managements Systems do exactly what they suggest – they provide a system to manage your learning. They also allow you to handle face-to-face course registration, eLearning access, administration, tracking and reporting.

moodle plus blackboard


Your bespoke Learning Portal can be developed to be hosted on your own server. Or we can implement and host the whole thing for you.

Blended Learning Approach

If your training needs analysis shows that you want to keep the fundamental elements of your training and learning face to face, then why not consider a blended approach. Blending face to face learning with multimedia elements gives your learning more variation through their study which in turn, holds their attention and interest much longer.

You could consider the following elements within your learning to help compliment your training delivery:

  • Video
  • Animation
  • Quizes
  • Interactive Timelines
  • Interactive F.A.Q’s
  • Assessments (SCORM Compliant)

Delivery Methods

What happens if I don’t have a Learning Portal or LMS? Not to worry, our bespoke, rapid and blended learning tools can be delivered in a variety of different media such as; DVD/CD, Online (or through a browser) or on a USB Device or Hard drive.