Video Testimonials – Top 10 Questions

Testimonials are a really great marketing tool for any business. They can help to show off your credibility with an external opinion, from someone that has already trusted you enough to do business with you. They give your business credibility and reassure potential customers who are thinking about buying your product or service. They are great for use on your website as well as other marketing tools.

If regular testimonials can provide reassurance to your potential customers, then think of the power a video testimonial can add. They allow your potential customers to see your clients and feel the emotion behind what they are saying. It is quite easy for someone to write you a few words on how good your service was, but if a client has taken the time to say how they feel on camera, then they must have been extremely happy with that product or service.

If video testimonials sound like something you want to try out for your business, you may be wondering what sort of thing to ask your customers to get the best responses on film. After recently filming a series of video testimonials for London Web business, Websposure, we’ve decided to share a trusty top ten, to help get you started.

The idea of a video testimonial is to draw on the clients’ emotions, so the questions need to be geared around taking the viewer on the emotional journey of that client.

1: Could you please tell us your name, title, the company they work for and a little about what the company does.

Not only does this question nicely introduce the video testimonial, but it give the client time to feel comfortable in front of the camera by talking about something they know best… themselves!

2: What was the problem you were having before you started using our product/service?

3: How did this problem impact your business?

Again, these two questions really draw on emotion. It shows the frustration the customer was having before they found your product or service.

4: Did you try any other solutions before coming to us, if so what?

This question can help to get potential customers on side, as they may be able to relate to the solutions tried by the client in the video.

5: How effective is our product/service at solving that problem?

6:What is the most beneficial thing about our product/service?

We’re now starting to change the emotion from their past frustration to the positives that your product/service has brought to this client.

7: What is the most beneficial thing about working with our company?

 8: What message would you give to something thinking about using the same product/service?

This question is clever, as if the audience can relate to the clients past frustrations then the answer to this question can give the potential customer the last bit of reassurance they need to make the purchase or call.

9: If you could choose three words to describe our business what would they be and why?

A short, snappy answer to sum up how the client thinks you work!

10: Is there anything else specific you would like to add to this video testimonial?

It is always worth adding this question. 9 times out of 10 there is nothing extra, but if the client has a story or moment they want to share, it’s worth capturing on camera as it may be worth its weight in gold! Also, the client may have a story, but feel they cant share it as you have not asked them to!

If you are thinking about trying out video testimonials and you need some help, please get in touch for some advice or assistance with filming!

Here’s a montage we put together of a recent video testimonial shoot:

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